"The dancers executed it well, particularly Shannon Conboy as Velma dancing with Riff. Conboy brought so much passion and strength, she was captivating, and the chemistry between Velma and Riff was palpable." 

Utah Theatre Bloggers Association (West Side Story at Utah Festival Opera) 

"Shannon Conboy plays Seymour's love interest, Audrey, with a lovely big voice and even lovelier and bigger heart. Ms. Conboy has the characterization down pat from the quick-stepping little walk to the breathy voice, and it all works just great. Her "Someplace That's Green" will break your heart and make you love her..."

The Column (Little Shop of Horrors at The Firehouse Theatre)

"It's about "Love Who You Love," a song that applies to multiple characters, including Adele (a touching Shannon Conboy), a newcomer with her own worries..."

Dallas Morning News (A Man of No Importance at Brick Road Theatre)

"...Shannon Conboy played a perfect Elle Woods, drawing us all in as she waited expectantly in her signature pink dress..."

SMU Odyssey (Legally Blonde: The Musical at Southern Methodist University)